You are thinking of putting a pool at the back of your block before summer but can’t decide on the type of pool. Here are some ideas to guide you.

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  1. Kids: if you have kids, keep them in mind when designing the pool.
  2. Steps and depths: depending on the use of the pool, consider the steps or areas such as beach and bench.
  3. Size: the size of the pool has a significant impact when it comes to heat the pool. Keep in mind that the bigger is the pool and the harder and most expensive it will be to heat it up.
  4. Style: think the pool as an extension of the architecture style of your home so it seems like it has always been here.
  5. Surrounding: consider the shape, size and levels of your backyard. Depending on how the backyard is, design the pool to take advantage of it (e.g. sloping site).
  6. Finishes: balance the different finishes so it looks convivial and warm. If using hard surfaces such as concrete, soften it with timber batons and decking for example.
  7. Colours: try to combine a light colour (e.g. interior of the pool) and a dark colour (e.g. walls, paving). Depending on the sun exposure, we suggest you reverse and have a darker pool interior if too exposed.
  8. Lighting: consider decorative, ground and underwater lightings to enhance the ambiance you want. It also increases the visibility around your pool area.
  9. Safety: consider the pool fencing and the feeling you want. If openness is seeking, you may go for a glass fencing.
  10. A point of interest: consider in your overall pool design components to enhance the atmosphere you want such as waterfalls with the sound of running water, fire pits, beach, spa, outdoor kitchen, etc.

Whether you have too many ideas or no inspiration for your pool design, do not hesitate to contact our building designers to discuss on the options you have considering your backyard, what you like and the requirements so it complies with the regulations.