To help make sure you have everything you need to know before you delve into the renovation of your house, our building designers from Green Start Design have selected 5 keys points you will need to consider first:

  1. Budget

Ask yourself the type of renovation/addition you would like; consider its size, the materials and what the professional fees will be. Depending on these elements, the cost will significantly vary.

  1. R-Zoning and local regulations

Find out what your R-Zoning and local regulations are to ensure you’re meeting the requirements. Each local council has its own regulations. You can find them online or if possible organise a meeting with a planning officer from the council. Read also Understand the R-Codes for more information about the R-Zoning.

  1. Your needs

Whether you want to extend your family or renovating your house for an investment purpose, it is important to consider the future use of the renovation/addition. Keep in mind that the lifestyle you’re having now might change in the future. If it’s an investment, opt for choices and design that will add value to your property.

  1. Energy efficiency

It is worth thinking ahead on how you can improve your house while remodelling it. It might be a good time to refresh the windows, improve your insulation in the walls and ceilings or add new features to your home such as solar panels.

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  1. Add value

When it comes to delve into the design of your renovation/addition, you obviously want it to best fit your needs and lifestyle. It’s worth keeping in mind that it adds value to your property and therefore the resale process will be easier.

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