It can be quite difficult to estimate the price of a new build property so here are some of the key factors our building designers at Green Start Design have recommended that have a significant impact on the final cost of the home. You’ll find that most of them are related to the basic construction costs!

  1. Land

When purchasing your block of land, it is worth considering the quality of the soil and the slope of the block. Best case scenario is to have a flat block to avoid earthwork and a A classification soil (easy to work with and to stabilize the new building). Double check on the DFES bushfire prone area map if the land is in a bushfire prone area (a pink area on the map). If so, you will need a BAL (Bushfire Assessment Level) Report which will be an extra cost to ensure the property uses the appropriate materials to keep it as safe as possible during bushfires. Contact our accredited BAL assessor for more information.

  1. Size

A larger house design is obviously an increased cost as it includes more space and therefore more materials, labour and also more equipment such as floor system or stairs for a two-storey home.

  1. Materials

There is a range of products available on the market that significantly varies the total cost; from brick and brick veneer to a lightweight clad or Structural Insulated Panel (SIP). Each material will also have its own range, such as the type of bricks and mortar colours. It is important to keep in mind that high-quality materials require better finishing. Our best advice would be to find a building company with a good know-how to do the work thoroughly. It is the same scenario for finishing materials.

  1. Building shape

If you have a small budget, we suggest you go for the simplest shape as it will be easier to build and therefore cheaper. The more corners and unique shapes the house has, the more it will cost. Overall, having an unusual home that differs to the typical surrounding Australian homes will be costly.

  1. Design features and appliances

When it comes to purchasing appliances such as refrigerators or ovens, it can be quite heavy in your pocket depending on the features and manufacturer. It if you want to go for quality, get prepared to pay the price. In addition to appliances, you may also dream of having your own swimming pool or spa in the backyard. As you can imagine these features are pricey and worth including into the budget up front.

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