You are delving into the finishes of your new house and are overwhelmed by the unlimited range of colours available! The building designers at Green Start Design have provided 5 tips to avoid mistakes and get the right colour choice for you:

  1. Firstly, get a clear idea on how the room will look; including furniture and other accessories such as pillows or a particular painting you desire. Once the room is planned out, take inspiration from your room’s set up and select a colour to match with the furniture or an element in the space.
  2. Keep in mind that a bright colour such as red or blue can look great on a tiny element of furniture or decoration but be a totally different aspect on a wall. However, if you want to make the wall colour your focal point, then let your furnishings support it with neutral tones.
  3. It is important to consider the rest of the house and how the colours interact when viewing one room adjacent to another. When standing in one room, you will likely be able to see the other areas of the house. As you’re choosing colours, consider the flow when walking throughout the house from one room to another.
  4. Each room relates to a special mood and therefore a specific range of colour. A bedroom for example is a quiet, intimate and serene place so you might want to look at cool colours on the colour wheel such as blues and greens. Warmer colours like yellows and oranges relate to sociable and stimulating moods; they can be used in a dining area. Be careful when using intensely bright hues as it can overstimulate and lead to irritability.
  5. Natural light is finally an important thing to consider as it shows the paint’s truest colour. It is important to keep in mind that the colour will change as different light hits the walls throughout the day. To get a better sense of what the entire wall will look like, we recommend to start with a test area to figure out the different types of light throughout the day. Also, depending on the lighting you go for, remember that incandescent lighting brings out warm tones and yellows whereas fluorescent lighting casts a blue tone.

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