Orientation is one of the most important elements you need to consider when buying or constructing your new home. Our building designers from Green Start Design have selected some top best tips to save on your energy bills and to enjoy your home:

  1. Light

There is a number of ways you can maximise light in your property. For more information, you can also read Have you considered skylights and Best tips for choosing the right windows for your home. Ensure the orientation of your house captures sunlight from the north. In doing so, you will catch the radiant heat coming from the northern sunlight which has a significant impact on the energy bills in winter.

  1. Geography

Depending on where you are located in Australia, you will have to adapt the design of your house to the geography. In Western Australia we tend to find a balance between catching the northern sunlight and using trees and external blinds to reduce radiant heat as much as possible.

  1. Direction

As mentioned above, the best orientation for a house is to use the northern side so it captures daylight and warms your house up during the cooler months. Depending on where the northern side is, we suggest highlight windows are the best option as it resolves privacy issues, gives you warmth in winter and is overshaded in summer.

  1. Materials

The more materials with thermal inertia you use, the longer it will keep the heat in. A good example is to use polished concrete as it is both aesthetically pleasing and helps to transmit thermal heat into the house.

  1. View

The surrounding views also have a crucial impact on the orientation of your house. Whether you are located close to the beach or in a place offering a stunning view, it will have a crucial impact on the design and orientation of the house.

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