Top 5 kitchen design tips

Kitchens are the heart of a home! This is the reason why this area needs to be highly functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Our building designer team from Green Start Design have selected 5 practical tips you need to consider when designing your new kitchen. Lighting Either you are up early for breakfast with [...]

Tips to consider when designing your granny flat

Do you have an empty space in your backyard? Have you considered putting in a granny flat? A granny flat can be used as a home for a family member, a home office, play room or can even be rented out. Here are some ideas and tips to consider before you begin the design of [...]

The top 5 elements to consider in your new kitchen

Our building designers from Green Start Design have selected the 5 major practical elements to think about when designing your kitchen. Storage Every nook and spare space, even with a funny shape, can be used to store pots, pans, and appliances that would more likely clutter up on the bench and get dusty. ⇒ CONTACT ⇐ our building [...]

Our design tips to maximise space

It is always a great idea to look for ways to make your small spaces feel larger or to find ways to fit storage in unexpected places for efficient use. Our building designers at Green Start Design share their best tips to enhance and maximise the spaces of your home: Multi-functionality With a hint of [...]

Room-by-room: get the light right

It has been proven that lighting impacts us significantly in our daily life. It can affect our sleep as well as our mood and brain efficiency. Considering the different options, you could go for, we understand the decision is not easy. That’s why our building designers have summarised a basic guide for each room to [...]

Tips to pick the good lighting for your home

The finishing stage is often the hardest stage, especially when it comes to choosing fixtures and furniture. Most people focus their attention on colours, furniture and materials to showcase the style they want for their house. Surprisingly, lighting is one of those underrated components that you don’t always notice, but really helps to enhance the [...]

Do you have drawings?

This question is more likely the first thing your building designer will ask when you are considering a new project. Our team of building designers from Green Start Design emphasise precise and thorough as-built drawings as they strongly believe it is the result to a successful project. As-built drawings is a set of drawings which [...]

The top things to keep in mind when designing your alfresco area

How can we live in Australia without enjoying the warmer climate all year? Australians are well known to spend most of their time outside in the backyard, enjoying the outdoors in their alfresco areas with friends, food and good laughs. To help you enjoy your new alfresco area, our building designers at Green Start Design [...]

5 tips for the best orientation of your home

Orientation is one of the most important elements you need to consider when buying or constructing your new home. Our building designers from Green Start Design have selected some top best tips to save on your energy bills and to enjoy your home: Light There is a number of ways you can maximise light in [...]

Have you considered skylights?

Nowadays, you have the possibility to bring daylight into your home without changing or compromising the building envelope. Our building designers have selected the best skylight products you can use to bring daylight into your house in a thermal efficient way. Roof windows Roof windows are a good option if you’re surrounded by nature and [...]