Design ideas for your deck

Design ideas for your deck

Including a deck in your home is the perfect option to extend your living area and get a hint of the outdoors.

Here are some design ideas you may like to incorporate.

  • All-in-built deck

Play with levels by adding some built-in-benches, planter boxes and steps with the same clad material of the deck. Levelling the deck with planter boxes will also allow you some privacy from your neighbours.

  • Ambiance

Include deck lighting for a relaxing place to hang out. You can for example illuminate the steps to bring a classy touch and provide safety.

  • Decking materials

You can opt for real wood (e.g. jarrah) for a luxurious appearance (although expensive) or go for something different such as composite or synthetic materials.

  • Steps

There are so many things you can do with steps, even using them for additional seating.

  • The existing

Having a tree where you want to build your future deck is not a big deal. Consider it as a feature and frame your deck around it. Think of the positives, it will provide shade and make your deck even more creative.

  • Pergola

Transform your deck into a nice outdoor retreat with a pergola to provide shadow. Add some personal touches like speakers, lights or hanging plants for example.

  • Compliance

Depending on the height of your deck, you may need a balustrade for safety. According to the Building Code of Australia, the height must not be less than 1m above the floor.

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