It is always a great idea to look for ways to make your small spaces feel larger or to find ways to fit storage in unexpected places for efficient use. Our building designers at Green Start Design share their best tips to enhance and maximise the spaces of your home:

  • Multi-functionality

With a hint of creativity and imagination you can make spaces and furniture of your house multifunctional. You can for example use the space under the stairs to fit ample storage, bookshelves or even the TV. You can also opt for a kitchen island that can be used for both bench work and a breakfast bar for your informal meals.

  • Customise

Be smart and utilise every available sliver of space you have; bespoke built-ins, storage nooks or even furniture tailored to your exact needs.

  • Less but larger furniture

Most people think small furniture is the right choice for small spaces. It may seem counterintuitive but outfitting a small space with a few large and functional furniture items instead of several small pieces will actually make the area feel grander.

  • Think vertically

We always need more storage! Find smart storage solutions by exploiting the often omitted space between the top of furniture and the room’s ceiling. The key here is to stretch storage vertically and to not use floor space.

  • Light

The more light that is coming into your space the bigger it will feel. To do so, use thin curtains to allow the space to be lit and brightened with sunlight.

  • Walls

Whatever the colour you want to use on your walls, always opt for a light one to make a room feel spacious. Alternatively, opting for white/bright colours will give the room a lighter base that will allow furniture and accessories to stand out.

  • Accessories

Our favourite accessory we suggest for you is mirrors! Mirrors strategically placed trick the eye and create a sense of largeness and openness to the space.

Meet our building designers to discuss your plans and the options you may have to maximise your spaces for an efficient use.