This question is more likely the first thing your building designer will ask when you are considering a new project. Our team of building designers from Green Start Design emphasise precise and thorough as-built drawings as they strongly believe it is the result to a successful project. As-built drawings is a set of drawings which fully describes the project from the starting point (existing plans and demolition plans) to the final project (internal layouts, electrical plan of the proposed project).

You may wonder as to the use of as-built drawings and why they are critical to a successful project. Our building designers highlight below some key points to help you understand.

  • Having drawings, especially in residential renovation, is necessary to get a better picture of your project. If you don’t have existing drawings it is fine, our building designers can come and visit the site to attempt to capture all aspects of the project. They will begin with measurements of everything including rooms and windows dimensions. These dimensions will then be entered into computer software to be translated into two-dimensional plans.
  • As-built drawings is the way that design is communicated. Ensure the building designer communicates your ideas effectively through the drawings. Many elements are contributing to get clear and well-drafted plans such as lineweights, fills, organised dimensions and documentations.
  • Every renovation, addition and even new houses need to begin with existing data. For a renovation, it starts with an inspection of the existing structure while for a new house, a soil report is undertaken. This information is the foundation from which your project will grow and will be shown on the as-built drawings through demolition plans, building sections, details of constructions, etc.
  • As-built drawings are a descriptive documentation of your home so you must ensure the dimensions shown on plans are completely accurate. Having inaccurate dimensions can be the beginning of a nightmare when construction is underway.
  • The more descriptive the as-built drawings are, the easier it is for you to get accurate quotes from builders and to also help you when buying furniture. A proper set of as-built drawings should include: a site plan (overall dimensions, setbacks, overshadow diagram if two storey construction), floor plans fully dimensions, elevations (external finishes), sections (vertical slice of the building showing the structure from the foundations to the roof), internal layouts (kitchen, laundry, and bathroom), electrical plans and details of the constructions (staircase, eaves, foundations, etc.).

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