Outdoor living spaces

Outdoor living spaces

Outdoor living spaces are very popular in Australia and we emphasise their potential as not only do they create convivial and welcoming living spaces, but also add value to your home. See below some different types of outdoor spaces for you to consider for your future home.

  • Porches

These are considered transitioning spaces, connecting your indoor and outdoor living to one another. They can be quite large and therefore be used as verandas. However, their main use is to provide shelter from sun or rain exposure. They usually reflect the type of house you want.
For example, a porch with stately columns and high ceiling demonstrates a luxurious and spacious house.

  • Decks

A deck is an extension of your living area. It generally allows you to extend your living room and enjoy an outdoor retreat area. Adding a pergola will emphasise the extended living room with the idea of having a ceiling continuity. Read also Design ideas for you deck.

  • Patios

These are quite similar in functionality to a deck, although can be considered less “attractive”. The structure of a patio consists of ground level, most commonly paved and covered by a simple steel frame.

  • Outdoor kitchens

If you’re an “outdoors” person who enjoys entertaining, this is the perfect fit for you. Outdoor kitchens are often included into the deck or next to it. As you would locate your internal kitchen next to your living/dining area.

  • How do you connect your outdoor/indoor living?

Whatever the outdoor living area you would like to add, consider large openings to create vast spaces.

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