Once the construction is completed, you will attend an inspection with the builder for a Practical Completion Inspection (PCI). The inspection will allow you to go through the house with the builder and ensure all work has been done properly. Go through our key points below to do it right!

  • Check the whole property: as you walk through your new house with the builder, people often focus their attention on the internal details of the house. However, it is also important to take into consideration the external building work such as the fences and the light fixtures in your alfresco or around the pool.
  • Take your time: Look carefully over the level of quality of each detail, either inside or outside, and ensure it matches with what is on the as-built plans. This time is crucial when it comes to the completion of the building process, so don’t rush it!
  • Write a checklist: grab a pen and paper and write down everything to ensure you have records of the inspection, describing any faults or dissatisfaction you may have.
  • Take photos: aside from your checklist, also take photos of everything and especially details that don’t meet your expectations as a visual proof for both you and the builder.

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