Many people think that renovating is cheaper than building. Surprisingly here, we think that building from scratch is actually more affordable, faster and a smoother process than renovating. Find out below some things you should know about the renovation.

  • Demolition

The demolition has a significant impact on the cost as it involves a lot of different people on site (carpenters, plasterers, plumbers, painters, etc) in terms of repairing and removing the work.

  • Existing structure

Renovating is an adventure that, unfortunately, comes with a number of surprises you may not expect. The most common surprises are the additional costs from engineers and builders. Depending on the complexity of the extension and the health of the existing structure, builders and engineers usually bump their price up to allow for surprises that may occur.

  • Approved extensions

You may find out that some extensions have been built without approval. Unapproved structures need to get approved by a building surveyor through a certificate of building compliance. It involves plans being drawn up, a report issued by an engineer stating that the structure is structurally sound and, therefore, incurs an extra cost. If you have unapproved construction on your property and you need a CBC, ⇒ CONTACT ⇐ our building surveyor for a quote.

  • Documentation

When it comes to drawing up plans for the future renovation, the quality of the plans has to be made in a way that is very clear and understandable. To do so, your building designer needs to go on site to get all measurements and as much information as possible to be able to produce good and descriptive plans – so ensure you hire the right building designer. Read Why hiring a building designer? to help you choosing the right one.

The amount of work involved is more important than designing a brand new house and therefore it has an impact on the quote.

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