If you have an upcoming renovation project and want to increase the value of your property, read below the 5 best things to do and what to avoid.

  1. Doing an extension is definitely a good way to add value, although, it can be turned into a nightmare if it’s not handled well. Before you delve into the renovation project, ask yourself what are your needs and how much money you want to invest in. To help you out, you can also read The 5 best tips to maximise your renovation. to ensure this project is not a waste of time, money and energy. However, if you can’t afford the building construction you can still break down the process and have our building designers draw up the plans and get the building approval. You then have a certain time frame to save money for the next steps.
  2. Transform your wasted space into a habitable space. Nowadays, the trend is to turn the attic into a fancy bedroom with its own ensuite. Firstly, the additional bedroom will add value to your home, secondly, it is one of the more straightforward ways to add extra space and finally, it is cheap and doesn’t involve hard building work.
  3. When it comes to refreshing your home, the first thing we plan on doing is to remodel the kitchen. Kitchens are easy to renovate and always have good potential for improvement when putting the house on the market. Go for quality fittings and appliances that are as neutral as possible so it matches everyone’s tastes. The more neutral and customizable your new kitchen is, the more you are adding value into your property. Read also The top 5 elements to consider in your new kitchen for more ideas.
  4. A lot of people living in old houses want to get rid of the old features such as ceiling roses, fireplaces, door frames, etc. Before you decide to do so, keep in mind that many buyers today are looking for properties with character.
  5. It is good to ensure you have a good ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms. To do so, it is worth sacrificing some space in a bedroom to squeeze in an ensuite. However, we suggest you keep the same amount of bedrooms and not sacrifice the tiniest one to be turned into an ensuite or another bathroom.

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