Modular construction: What are the advantages?

Modular construction or “offsite construction” is today seen as the new affordable housing. Modular construction is the construction of prefabricated buildings off work sites. These modules are then transported and assembled on site. Modular buildings offer a wide range of structures such as houses, apartment buildings, offices, etc. The Affordable Housing Working Group encourages the [...]

Outdoor living spaces

Outdoor living spaces are very popular in Australia and we emphasise their potential as not only do they create convivial and welcoming living spaces, but also add value to your home. See below some different types of outdoor spaces for you to consider for your future home. Porches These are considered transitioning spaces, connecting your [...]

The 5 best tips to maximise your renovation

To help make sure you have everything you need to know before you delve into the renovation of your house, our building designers from Green Start Design have selected 5 keys points you will need to consider first: Budget Ask yourself the type of renovation/addition you would like; consider its size, the materials and what [...]

Tips to consider when designing your granny flat

Do you have an empty space in your backyard? Have you considered putting in a granny flat? A granny flat can be used as a home for a family member, a home office, play room or can even be rented out. Here are some ideas and tips to consider before you begin the design of [...]

Do you have drawings?

This question is more likely the first thing your building designer will ask when you are considering a new project. Our team of building designers from Green Start Design emphasise precise and thorough as-built drawings as they strongly believe it is the result to a successful project. As-built drawings is a set of drawings which [...]

5 tips for the best orientation of your home

Orientation is one of the most important elements you need to consider when buying or constructing your new home. Our building designers from Green Start Design have selected some top best tips to save on your energy bills and to enjoy your home: Light There is a number of ways you can maximise light in [...]

5 keys factors that have an influence on the cost of your future home

It can be quite difficult to estimate the price of a new build property so here are some of the key factors our building designers at Green Start Design have recommended that have a significant impact on the final cost of the home. You’ll find that most of them are related to the basic construction [...]

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