Modular construction: What are the advantages?

Modular construction or “offsite construction” is today seen as the new affordable housing. Modular construction is the construction of prefabricated buildings off work sites. These modules are then transported and assembled on site. Modular buildings offer a wide range of structures such as houses, apartment buildings, offices, etc. The Affordable Housing Working Group encourages the [...]

10 reasons why you should use precast concrete

Precast concrete uses Australian materials and labour. The design of precast concrete can save up to 30% in the volume of concrete usually used for a standard suspended floor. The thermal mass absorbs and releases heat slowly which ends up saving up to 25% on heating and cooling costs. Precast can be manufactured off site [...]

Architectural drafting checklist to help you define your needs

When it comes to building a house, every person has different tastes, expectations and needs. We have developed a checklist to help you envision your perfect home. You can also refer to our post Tips on how to help you decide your house design. Grab a paper and pen and tick the items that are most [...]

Design ideas for your deck

Including a deck in your home is the perfect option to extend your living area and get a hint of the outdoors. Here are some design ideas you may like to incorporate. All-in-built deck Play with levels by adding some built-in-benches, planter boxes and steps with the same clad material of the deck. Levelling the [...]

Have you heard about SIPs?

SIPs or Structural Insulated Panels are the “all-inclusive” structure you need for your next project! SIPs construction has become more and more popular because of its building method and the use of environmentally sustainable building methods. Read below a list of some reasons why you should consider the SIPs construction for your next project. Description [...]

10 tips for your pool design

You are thinking of putting a pool at the back of your block before summer but can’t decide on the type of pool. Here are some ideas to guide you. Read also What to consider before putting in a pool? for more information about the whole process. Kids: if you have kids, keep them in mind [...]

Understanding the steps in the construction phase

When delving into the building phase, we think it is important to familiarise yourself with the construction phase to help you gain a better understanding of what is happening, when and how. The base This is the first stage of the construction process: the foundations. This time consists of mainly earthworks such as digging and [...]

5 tips for the best orientation of your home

Orientation is one of the most important elements you need to consider when buying or constructing your new home. Our building designers from Green Start Design have selected some top best tips to save on your energy bills and to enjoy your home: Light There is a number of ways you can maximise light in [...]

5 key points to know when designing a staircase

Our building designers selected some essential key points you need to consider before you design your staircase. These key points will help you to ensure that their location is appropriate, their use is comfortable and they are safe for all users. Although a staircase may constitute a functional purpose, it is also a dominant design [...]

Design tips to keep your house cool

Keeping your house cooling during the Perth’s boiling summer is not that easy. We often hear the best advice is to shut curtains, windows and doors during the heat of the day and open them later on during the evening when the external temperature is lower than inside. However, it doesn’t work for all situations [...]