10 reasons why you should use precast concrete

Precast concrete uses Australian materials and labour. The design of precast concrete can save up to 30% in the volume of concrete usually used for a standard suspended floor. The thermal mass absorbs and releases heat slowly which ends up saving up to 25% on heating and cooling costs. Precast can be manufactured off site [...]

Why renovating is more expensive than building?

Many people think that renovating is cheaper than building. Surprisingly here, we think that building from scratch is actually more affordable, faster and a smoother process than renovating. Find out below some things you should know about the renovation. Demolition The demolition has a significant impact on the cost as it involves a lot of [...]

5 tips when purchasing your new front fence

Safety The quality of your front fence is important as it keeps your place for the safety of your kids as well as keeping the intruders out. Before going for the cheapest fence, ensure it is “hard to climb” and “built to last” to avoid intruders from going over or through. The more solid and [...]

Renovations: 5 steps to not skip

Our building designers from Green Start Design have comprised a list of recommendations of what “not to do” when designing your new build: Make it clear It is important not to rush a renovation project. Allow some time to collect ideas in terms of design, decoration, and inspiration. Having a clear idea of what you [...]

Green Start Design have launched a new website!

The team at Green Start Design have been working hard to deliver a brand new website. Focusing on the basics, Green Start Design can handle your next job. ⇒ CLICK HERE ⇐ to check out our new website and ⇒ GET IN TOUCH ⇐ with our building designers for your next project!

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