Tips on how to help you decide your house design

When it comes time to think about the right house design, there is a variety of options you could go for and you might get lost. Our building designers have selected some tips to help you know what to look for. Define your lifestyle Ask yourself: what is your lifestyle? Are you planning to extend [...]

Tips to add character to your home

From storage ideas to materials, get inspired by some of the tips we share with you to enhance the character in your home. Clever storage: utilise the “dead space”, such as, the often omitted space between the top of furniture and the room’s ceiling or you can fit ample storages under the stairs. Wall: use [...]

Top 5 kitchen design tips

Kitchens are the heart of a home! This is the reason why this area needs to be highly functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Our building designer team from Green Start Design have selected 5 practical tips you need to consider when designing your new kitchen. Lighting Either you are up early for breakfast with [...]

Room-by-room: get the light right

It has been proven that lighting impacts us significantly in our daily life. It can affect our sleep as well as our mood and brain efficiency. Considering the different options, you could go for, we understand the decision is not easy. That’s why our building designers have summarised a basic guide for each room to [...]

5 things to know when choosing a paint colour

You are delving into the finishes of your new house and are overwhelmed by the unlimited range of colours available! The building designers at Green Start Design have provided 5 tips to avoid mistakes and get the right colour choice for you: Firstly, get a clear idea on how the room will look; including furniture [...]

Sustainable design: some tips to consider

In Western Australia, a common building construction practice is double clay brick with standard single glazed, aluminium framed windows. It has been replicated for so many years that it is now cheaper to construct as the expertise in this kind of construction has become common. On the other hand, for an area like Perth, a [...]

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What is a good design?

Our building designers at Green Start Design confirm that in terms of design, the first thing people often focus their attention on is the way the building looks. However, it is important to keep in mind that a good design is not necessarily visual; it also involves other components to take into consideration. The first [...]

Green Start Design have launched a new website!

The team at Green Start Design have been working hard to deliver a brand new website. Focusing on the basics, Green Start Design can handle your next job. ⇒ CLICK HERE ⇐ to check out our new website and ⇒ GET IN TOUCH ⇐ with our building designers for your next project!

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