What to consider before putting in a pool?

Have you ever dreamed of doing morning laps or hanging out with your friends by the pool? The current trend of a house nowadays is to include a new pool in the design. However, the process is not as easy as you think. That’s why our building designers have picked 5 key points to consider [...]

5 tips when purchasing your new front fence

Safety The quality of your front fence is important as it keeps your place for the safety of your kids as well as keeping the intruders out. Before going for the cheapest fence, ensure it is “hard to climb” and “built to last” to avoid intruders from going over or through. The more solid and [...]

How to design an efficient home?

Having an efficient home is beneficial in terms of saving money and enjoying a comfortable home. Our building designers have selected the best tips to make your home more efficient and help you understand the possibilities you have when designing an energy efficient house. Insulation: whether you are renovating or building, ensure your home is [...]

What is a good design?

Our building designers at Green Start Design confirm that in terms of design, the first thing people often focus their attention on is the way the building looks. However, it is important to keep in mind that a good design is not necessarily visual; it also involves other components to take into consideration. The first [...]