Tips to pick the optimal block of land

As you search your perfect patch of land, it’s important to keep in mind that it is not always as clear-cut as it seems. Location, size and shape are critical, but there are also many other factors that need to be taken into consideration. The following tips compiled by our building designer are some of [...]

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The 5 best tips to maximise your renovation

To help make sure you have everything you need to know before you delve into the renovation of your house, our building designers from Green Start Design have selected 5 keys points you will need to consider first: Budget Ask yourself the type of renovation/addition you would like; consider its size, the materials and what [...]

Tips to consider when designing your granny flat

Do you have an empty space in your backyard? Have you considered putting in a granny flat? A granny flat can be used as a home for a family member, a home office, play room or can even be rented out. Here are some ideas and tips to consider before you begin the design of [...]

5 tips to consider before buying an old house

Renovating an old house can come with its own sets of problems and concerns. Consider these recommendations for the building designers at Green Start Design to not make this purchase a painful experience for both you and your wallet: Structurally sound While older houses can be excellently built despite its seniority, some others warrant a [...]

How to design an efficient home?

Having an efficient home is beneficial in terms of saving money and enjoying a comfortable home. Our building designers have selected the best tips to make your home more efficient and help you understand the possibilities you have when designing an energy efficient house. Insulation: whether you are renovating or building, ensure your home is [...]

Design tips to keep your house cool

Keeping your house cooling during the Perth’s boiling summer is not that easy. We often hear the best advice is to shut curtains, windows and doors during the heat of the day and open them later on during the evening when the external temperature is lower than inside. However, it doesn’t work for all situations [...]

Sustainable design: some tips to consider

In Western Australia, a common building construction practice is double clay brick with standard single glazed, aluminium framed windows. It has been replicated for so many years that it is now cheaper to construct as the expertise in this kind of construction has become common. On the other hand, for an area like Perth, a [...]

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