Architectural drafting checklist to help you define your needs

When it comes to building a house, every person has different tastes, expectations and needs. We have developed a checklist to help you envision your perfect home. You can also refer to our post Tips on how to help you decide your house design. Grab a paper and pen and tick the items that are most [...]

The top 5 elements to consider in your new kitchen

Our building designers from Green Start Design have selected the 5 major practical elements to think about when designing your kitchen. Storage Every nook and spare space, even with a funny shape, can be used to store pots, pans, and appliances that would more likely clutter up on the bench and get dusty. ⇒ CONTACT ⇐ our building [...]

5 tips to consider before buying an old house

Renovating an old house can come with its own sets of problems and concerns. Consider these recommendations for the building designers at Green Start Design to not make this purchase a painful experience for both you and your wallet: Structurally sound While older houses can be excellently built despite its seniority, some others warrant a [...]

5 key points to know when designing a staircase

Our building designers selected some essential key points you need to consider before you design your staircase. These key points will help you to ensure that their location is appropriate, their use is comfortable and they are safe for all users. Although a staircase may constitute a functional purpose, it is also a dominant design [...]

What to consider when renovating your bathroom

Get yourself ready and read the best tips our building designers selected for you to prevent headaches during your bathroom renovation. The cost The size of the bathroom, the materials you want to use and whether you are planning to do the labour yourself will have a significant impact on the cost. Ensure you know [...]

What is a good design?

Our building designers at Green Start Design confirm that in terms of design, the first thing people often focus their attention on is the way the building looks. However, it is important to keep in mind that a good design is not necessarily visual; it also involves other components to take into consideration. The first [...]

Why hire a building designer?

You may wonder why you would need to hire a building designer for you next project. Here are 5 things to know about the profession and services a building designer can provide to help you understand why having a building designer on the side will add value to your project. Everything can be handled As [...]

Drafting Services

Green Start Design's committed building designer team produces outstanding custom drafting plans using the latest software programs. Our drafting plans are produced using BIM software which means your engineer and other specialists can access your drawings with ease, which saves you time and money. Working one on one with one of our qualified building designers, you [...]

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