Room-by-room: get the light right

It has been proven that lighting impacts us significantly in our daily life. It can affect our sleep as well as our mood and brain efficiency. Considering the different options, you could go for, we understand the decision is not easy. That’s why our building designers have summarised a basic guide for each room to [...]

Tips to pick the good lighting for your home

The finishing stage is often the hardest stage, especially when it comes to choosing fixtures and furniture. Most people focus their attention on colours, furniture and materials to showcase the style they want for their house. Surprisingly, lighting is one of those underrated components that you don’t always notice, but really helps to enhance the [...]

Why hire a building designer?

You may wonder why you would need to hire a building designer for you next project. Here are 5 things to know about the profession and services a building designer can provide to help you understand why having a building designer on the side will add value to your project. Everything can be handled As [...]