Renovations: what to do and not do to add value

If you have an upcoming renovation project and want to increase the value of your property, read below the 5 best things to do and what to avoid. Doing an extension is definitely a good way to add value, although, it can be turned into a nightmare if it’s not handled well. Before you delve [...]

The top 5 elements to consider in your new kitchen

Our building designers from Green Start Design have selected the 5 major practical elements to think about when designing your kitchen. Storage Every nook and spare space, even with a funny shape, can be used to store pots, pans, and appliances that would more likely clutter up on the bench and get dusty. ⇒ CONTACT ⇐ our building [...]

Do you have drawings?

This question is more likely the first thing your building designer will ask when you are considering a new project. Our team of building designers from Green Start Design emphasise precise and thorough as-built drawings as they strongly believe it is the result to a successful project. As-built drawings is a set of drawings which [...]

The top things to keep in mind when designing your alfresco area

How can we live in Australia without enjoying the warmer climate all year? Australians are well known to spend most of their time outside in the backyard, enjoying the outdoors in their alfresco areas with friends, food and good laughs. To help you enjoy your new alfresco area, our building designers at Green Start Design [...]

Have you considered skylights?

Nowadays, you have the possibility to bring daylight into your home without changing or compromising the building envelope. Our building designers have selected the best skylight products you can use to bring daylight into your house in a thermal efficient way. Roof windows Roof windows are a good option if you’re surrounded by nature and [...]

5 key points to know when designing a staircase

Our building designers selected some essential key points you need to consider before you design your staircase. These key points will help you to ensure that their location is appropriate, their use is comfortable and they are safe for all users. Although a staircase may constitute a functional purpose, it is also a dominant design [...]

Renovations: 5 steps to not skip

Our building designers from Green Start Design have comprised a list of recommendations of what “not to do” when designing your new build: Make it clear It is important not to rush a renovation project. Allow some time to collect ideas in terms of design, decoration, and inspiration. Having a clear idea of what you [...]

Single vs double storey: tips to help you make the right choice

You are planning on building a house but are still undecided whether to go for a single or double storey home? While the choice can be obvious in some cases (e.g. size of the block, budget, and personal preferences), it is not a simple decision to make when both are possibilities. Our building designers from [...]

What to consider when renovating your bathroom

Get yourself ready and read the best tips our building designers selected for you to prevent headaches during your bathroom renovation. The cost The size of the bathroom, the materials you want to use and whether you are planning to do the labour yourself will have a significant impact on the cost. Ensure you know [...]

What is a building designer?

In the building industry and particularly in Australia, there is two main professions related to the design and drawings of homes. Architects “Architect” is a protected term and can only be used by a practitioner who has registered with the Australian Institute of Architects. To do so, they need to complete a recognised university degree [...]