4 important things to consider the Building permit (BP)

What is a Building Permit? Building work such as a demolition, a renovation or an addition requires a permit issued by the permit authority (typically your local council). Building without a permit can result in extra costs and take you through a Certificate of Building Compliance (⇒ CLICK HERE ⇐ if you would like to know more [...]

Renovations: 5 steps to not skip

Our building designers from Green Start Design have comprised a list of recommendations of what “not to do” when designing your new build: Make it clear It is important not to rush a renovation project. Allow some time to collect ideas in terms of design, decoration, and inspiration. Having a clear idea of what you [...]

Development Application (DA): steps to follow

Before your lodge your building application, it is important to know the stages your development will go through at the council by ensuring the following steps: Find out if you need a DA. Whether you’re thinking of building, demolishing, extending or renovating, you will probably need to lodge the plans to your local council for [...]

Development Application and Building Permit, what are the differences?

The planning approval (termed as the development application or DA) and the building permit (BP) are two different processes controlled by different legislation. If the proposed construction requires a planning approval, you must obtain it before you lodge a building permit application with your local council. Planning approvals or DA ensure that the development is [...]