Tips on how to help you decide your house design

Tips on how to help you decide your house design

When it comes time to think about the right house design, there is a variety of options you could go for and you might get lost. Our building designers have selected some tips to help you know what to look for.

  • Define your lifestyle

Ask yourself: what is your lifestyle? Are you planning to extend your family? Do you want to retire and have enough room for your grandkids? Do you like to have guests coming along for a few days at a time and, therefore, necessitate comfortable accommodation? These questions will help you define your lifestyle and find out which part of your home you want to focus on (e.g. for a family, the focal point might be the family/living room – so you need to emphasise this space).

  • Privacy

Depending on how much privacy you want from your neighbours, the shape of your house may be impacted. For example, if privacy is an important component for you, you might consider a U or L shape for your home. These shapes emphasise privacy by providing a central space for your outdoor area. The Residential Design Codes is also pretty involved in terms of privacy with regulations such as setbacks, size of windows and cone of vision. Read Understand the R-Codes for more information.

  • What type of house do you want?

Depending on your location, you may have the possibility to build a 2 storey house. To help you decide, read Single vs double storey: tips to help you make the good choice. However, double check with your local council as they are likely to have specific areas that allow you to build a double storey house.

  • Orientation

Try to orientate the floor plan to find a balance between catching the northern sunlight and using trees, externals blinds or both to reduce radiant heat. The better your orientation is, the better it is to keep your house warm in winter and overshaded in summer.

  • Budget

Every decision you make, including the size, the finishes or the furniture have a significant impact on the budget, so ensure you define up front your budgetary limits. Read also 5 Key factors that have an influence on the cost of your future home to help you make the smart choices!

  • Think about it

It might take you some time to find the right design but that’s normal. Don’t rush this time of reflection as it is the most important step. While designing, try to remodel and modify the design to work on different options you may have. To help you out, don’t hesitate to have our building designers chalk out some plans for you in accordance with your needs. Read also What to prepare for your first meeting with your building designer.

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