The finishing stage is often the hardest stage, especially when it comes to choosing fixtures and furniture. Most people focus their attention on colours, furniture and materials to showcase the style they want for their house. Surprisingly, lighting is one of those underrated components that you don’t always notice, but really helps to enhance the ambiance and aesthetic of your home. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect lighting for your home.

  • Use of space

The first step is to consider what will be the use of the space. For example, a study room will need functional and direct lighting, while a living room needs ambient and indirect lighting. Ensure your lighting serves the “mood” of your space and not the opposite.

  • Use multiple light sources for one space

Don’t be afraid to use different light sources in one space as you may use the space for a variety of functions and activities. For example, you can have in a living room ambient lighting for the ambiance of the whole space and add a direct functional lighting fixture next to your favourite reading chair.

  • Match your style

Depending on the mood you want in each space, a variety of lighting can meet your needs and contribute to the aesthetic of your home. Be creative and don’t hesitate to use unexpected light fittings. If your space is well decorated and you want to enhance it, go for neutral lightings. However, if the space is neutral and you want the lighting to be the focal point, be bold and go for a creative and original lighting.

  • Consider height and size of your space

Before you purchase your lightings, measure out the space and the ceiling height to ensure they won’t be too small, too bright or have hanging lights too high. If you purchase a hanging light for example, double check that you have enough head room.

  • Think about your exterior

It is also important to consider the exterior of you home to enhance the external façade of your house but also in terms of safety and security. To do so, fit walkways, sidewalks, the backyard and the front entry with ambient lighting. Lights that are motion activated are a good option to deter intruders.

  • Be efficient

Depending on the lighting you use, it can make up about 20% of your electricity bills! So if you care about the environment and your bank account, we recommend swapping from incandescent bulbs to LED. ⇒ CLICK HERE ⇐ to contact our energy assessors to discuss on what is available on the market today.

If you need lighting help ideas and advice on how to enhance the design of your home through lightings, ⇒ CLICK HERE ⇐ to meet our building designers. For more details, you can also read Room-by-room: get the right.