Our building designers from Green Start Design have selected the 5 major practical elements to think about when designing your kitchen.

  1. Storage

Every nook and spare space, even with a funny shape, can be used to store pots, pans, and appliances that would more likely clutter up on the bench and get dusty. ⇒ CONTACT ⇐ our building designers if you are looking for advice on how you can add storage in your kitchen.

  1. Placement of the appliances

An enjoyable area is a place you can keep clean easily. Placing the dishwasher within arm’s reach of the sink will then avoid you to travel across the kitchen dripping food as you go and then having to mop the kitchen floor after each meal! A plumber would say that it is also an important placement so the dishwasher plumbing can be connected to the drain and taps.

  1. Bin

A kitchen bin is more likely used for everyday household rubbish. Therefore, an appropriate location becomes an important parameter to avoid people walking into the kitchen and getting in your way! Our building designer’s suggestion would be to locate the bin to be easily accessible for everyone; for example, at the kitchen entrance or at the end of the bench/island.

  1. Power point

The trend today is to have all different sorts of appliances (blender, toaster, extractor of juice, coffee machine, etc.). Ensure the kitchen design allows enough power points to plug them all in! Most people forget about it and end up having extensions cables running across the kitchen.

  1. Ventilation

Ventilation is an important element not to overlook as it clears the air and ventilates cooking odours. We understand it is pricey but it is worth the investment. Our suggestion would be to go for one that is quiet and vented outside.

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