Kitchens are the heart of a home! This is the reason why this area needs to be highly functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Our building designer team from Green Start Design have selected 5 practical tips you need to consider when designing your new kitchen.

  1. Lighting

Either you are up early for breakfast with your kids or you get you friends to come over in the evening for dinner, so the kitchen is the only area in your home you need light in all hours of the day. Downlights bring a general lighting to illuminate the entire place while pendant lights will provide a more focused light. Whatever the light to go for, ensure the whole area is illuminated appropriately.

  1. Shape

Whether you go for a U or L shaped with a breakfast bar or just an island bench, ensure you consider the functionality of the area first. Our best functional tip would be to form the design of a triangle between the sink (clean), fridge (store) and stovetop (cook) with a distance from each other between 1.2m and 2.7m.

  1. Safety

Consider safety-conscious elements such as slip resistant flooring, rounded bench corners, ovens at a safe height to avoid children burning themselves but also good visibility from play areas to the cooking area. Make these as the priorities for a safe and family-friendly environment.

  1. Materials

We mentioned the flooring material to opt for safety reasons. Regarding the counter space and the splash back we recommend to choose a surface that is easy to work on, clean and to maintain throughout the year. Most people will go for a stainless bench because it is trendy and brings a “professional” touch but it is also a material that scratches very easily, so keep that in mind.

  1. Space

We suggest to allow a space of 1.2m between two kitchen benches so you can comfortably move around, open the dishwasher and cook with your kids or with others around.

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