Are you extending your family or feeling cramped and therefore need more space? Your block is too small and you don’t want to expand onto your property, adding an extra storey is worth consideration. Our building designers have selected the key steps before you get underway with this remodelling project.

  1. Compliance

Discuss with your local council to find out what your R-Zoning is (if you don’t know what is the R-zoning, read also Understand the R-Codes”) and if they have a specific residential policy for your area. The extension may require planning approval before you lodge for building permit. Read also Development Application and Building Permit, what are the differences? for more information.

  1. Draft your plans

Get in touch with our building designers to produce design drawings and help you to understand what is feasible in terms of space, light flow but also compliance with the R-Codes.

  1. Check the existing property

Before the build starts, you will need to contact an engineer to come on site and check if the existing building is structurally sound and to determine what structural reinforcement needs to be done to support the vertical extension (e.g. foundations, roofing and if a stairway can be added). Contact us if you need any assistance.

  1. Expect unexpected costs

When you delve into the budget for your extension, ensure it’s not tight and anticipate unexpected works. You may have to re-do the roof plumbing or to update services. You also will likely decide once the building construction has started to make some changes on the main floor.

  1. Match it with the existing

Keep the same style with the extension and existing home is one of the most important element of the project. You don’t want the extension to look like a “pop top” addition; rather, you want the second storey to seamlessly blend with the original and looks like it has always been there. To do so, we suggest to start to find suitable building materials (e.g. paint, roof tiles or roof metal cover, windows, etc.) as early as possible to allow you extra time to find the perfect ones.