When delving into the building phase, we think it is important to familiarise yourself with the construction phase to help you gain a better understanding of what is happening, when and how.

  1. The base

This is the first stage of the construction process: the foundations. This time consists of mainly earthworks such as digging and levelling as noted on the as-built plans and the engineering recommendations. To know more about the as-built plans, you can also read Do you have drawings?.

  1. The “skeleton”

Once the levels are right and the foundations have settled, it is now time to add the walls (external and internal) and the roof trusses.

  1. The lock-up

The lock-up stage is a stage where the house goes through the process of becoming weather-proof. Windows, fascia, gutters and roofing are added. In the meantime, electrical and plumbing roughing are installed in wall cavities.

  1. Finishes

During this stage, internal fixtures are installed such as plaster, internal doors, skirtings, benchtops and vanities.

  1. Final touch

This stage is what we could call the “cherry on top of the cake”. Paintwork, flooring, shelving, lighting, electrical and plumbing fit-offs will be fitted.

  1. Post-build

Once the construction is completed, you will attend an inspection with the builder for a Practical Completion Inspection (CPI). The inspection will allow you to go through the house with the builder and ensure all work has been done properly. It is important during the inspection to note any defects you may find. If there are some defects, the builder will have to fix these and arrange a second inspection to finalise and sign off the PCI document.

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  1. Make it yours

Last step, and probably the most exciting one: the moment when the final payment has been paid and you get handed your house key!

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