In the building industry and particularly in Australia, there is two main professions related to the design and drawings of homes.

  1. Architects

“Architect” is a protected term and can only be used by a practitioner who has registered with the Australian Institute of Architects. To do so, they need to complete a recognised university degree and minimum 2 years of on-job experience.

  1. Building Designers

Formerly called a “draftsperson”, the name has since changed because of the evolution of their skill sets and roles. Nowadays, a building designer delves into the design of functional, energy efficient and creative homes. Building designers are taught how to draw and have a good knowledge of the construction of buildings but not as the same level as an architect; mainly due to the length of study.

Whether you get services from an architect or a building designer, they can all perform the same role when it comes to design your home. As with any profession, there are those that are great at what they do and those that are not.

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