As part of the services Green Start Design provide, you can organise a preliminary meeting with our building designers to discuss your project ideas and requirements. There is plenty of information a client can provide to help our team get an idea of what you desire. The more information you bring the better it is for us to give you advice and guidance for your ideas!

Here is a list of the type of information you should gather for a preliminary meeting with our building designers.

  1. Existing property

Any plans such as contour survey, floor plans, details of constructions but also photos of the existing property will give us a better sense of what we will be starting out with.

  1. History

Before starting a project, it is good to know the details of the past construction. Looking at your home’s past history helps us to determine what type of work and modifications to the structure have been done over time. Therefore, our building designers are more aware of the existing structure and can draw accurate “as built” drawings. If you don’t have this information, check with your local council as they keep records of all building permits submitted throughout the years.

  1. Sketches

Chalk out your ideas on a piece of paper before the preliminary meeting and this will help you to translate your thoughts onto paper and the building designer to get a clear idea on what you are imagining. We don’t expect you to provide artistic and perfect drawings so don’t be afraid to grab a pencil and express yourself!

  1. Furniture

If you are at a stage where you have picked the furniture please let our team know so they can consider it in their plans.

  1. Mark up the space for renovations

We recommend to physically mark out on the floors and walls the changes you want to do. It actually gives a better picture of what the renovation will look like. When we come on site to check out the place, we can then discuss this and give you advice on what would work better.

Feel free to CONTACT our building designers if you have ideas in mind. If you don’t have any ideas but just want to refresh your home, we can offer some great tips to get you started!